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Wells Fargo Bank, California, Monterey Park, 2101 S Atlantic Blvd

Wells Fargo Bank, California, Monterey Park, 2101 S Atlantic Blvd, location, hours, phone, holiday, service information.

  • Address: 2101 S Atlantic Blvd
    Monterey Park, California, postal code: 91754
  • Phone: (323) 722-8413
  • Contact Numbers: Branch Phone: (334) 585-6466
    Phone (International): +1 334-585-6466
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Wells Fargo Bank, California, Monterey Park, 2101 S Atlantic Blvd, branch hours

Monday 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Tuesday 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Wednesday 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Thursday 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Friday 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Saturday 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Wells Fargo Bank, California, Monterey Park, 2101 S Atlantic Blvd location near me

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Wells Fargo Bank, California, Monterey Park, 2101 S Atlantic Blvd, services near me

  1. Wells Fargo Outlet
  2. Auto Loan
  3. Car Loan
  4. Credit Card
  5. Home Mortgage
  6. Insurance
  7. Mortgage
  8. Online Banking
  9. Student Loans

Wells Fargo Bank, California, Monterey Park, 2101 S Atlantic Blvd Routing number and SWIFT Code

  • Routing number direct deposits, electronic payments: 121042882
  • Routing number wire transfer - domestic: 12100248

If you have any questions about the swift code or internal number of the route, please contact the bank support by phone or email:

  1. 1-877-593-2468 (U.S./Canada toll-free)
  2. Email:

Office reviews Wells Fargo Bank n the city Monterey Park

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2020-02-11 | 09:28

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My father and I own property and he has a business account with Wells Fargo and uses that account a lot. He’s been to many different Wells Fargo banks and always has a good experience. I bank with Bank of America for over 12 years but on Wednesday February 5, 2020 I received a check with a high amount from a loan from one of the properties and decided to open up an account through the phone with Wells Fargo to deposit that check and try out the bank, the agent on the phone told me I will receive my card in 7-10 days and told me I can walk into any Wells Fargo and complete my transactions as well as getting a temporary card if I needed one I also had my pay check form my job I wanted to cash out. The reason why I made an account online was because I was still at work and was going to be off at 4:30 I just wanted to arrive at the bank and complete my transactions before they close. My father was already at this bank trying to complete his transactions, I called him letting him know I need to go to Wells Fargo the reason why because we both manage and share property decisions so we were going to split the check, he told me to come to the one he’s at which is this one in Atlantic. He called me an hour later saying he left and he’s home now because they were giving him a hard time at that bank and they were requiring my presence. I left work early and went to pick him up to go back to this location. While we were on the way a my dad revived a call from Guillermo from FDIC and started to question my father about what exactly he was trying to do my dad explained that they are tying to have his account and my account connect together which my dad did not want to do and Guillermo apologized to him telling him once he knew exactly what my dad wanted to do and said that the only thing necessary is that I show up show my ID and authorize my father to transfer funds. My dad was happy to hear that and once we showed up me as a new customer I had the WORST EXPERIENCE IN MY LIFE !!! MARITZA GOMEZ the supervisor made our lives so hard and made my father struggle so much that he left the bank feeling really sick since he has high blood pressure and other heath issues. When we got there my father explained to Mariza that Guillermo called him and told him that he can complete his transaction without joining accounts as long as I present my ID and authorize. Maritza continued neglecting that and my father kept telling her that the FDIC told him that until Maritza started to talk Over my father like if he was a little kid And said “look I don’t know who is Guillermo and plus he does not have the power to make this happen, I do. I am the supervisor here and if I say it’s not going to happen it’s not” My dad continued to explain to her Trying to find The number where they called him from and she said “Stop speaking over me or else I will block all of your accounts” my father responded “what? Why would you do that ? You can’t do that” And Maritza said “oh yes I can so if you keep on insisting I will take further actions!” My father said “go ahead and do that and I’ll sue you guys” Maritza walked away. My father was trying to get help and asked a couple employees there if anyone knew how to speak Spanish and they all ignored my father just because they saw him arguing with the manager.. when I saw my fathers face he was taking deep breaths and looked pale I sat my dad down and told him to call Guillermo to find the number. He finally found the number and called, Guillermo happened to answer and my dad explained to him what he went through. Again Guillermo said he can do it the way my father was trying to do it and so Guillermo said he was going to call Maritza and put my dad on hold for about 20 minutes. Guillermo got back to my dad and said that he should be able to do it but every bank is different and that Maritza refuses to deal with him and that there’s nothing he can do. My dad explained to Guillermo that Maritza threatened him to block all his accounts and so forth. Once they hanged up I told my father to just join the accounts and complete the transactions because they were about to close so we did we went to someone else there joined the accounts and transferred the funds and were finally complete I asked the agent if I can get my temporary card to be able to use my account and he said yes. After I Answered a couple question he told me that I was unable to get a temporary because I do not have a pin. I explained I made my account today by phone and they never told me to create any type of pin and I told him I have my social security card, passport, drivers license, AND Credit cards that have my name and that if I can create a pin get a card and be on my way and he said that’s impossible long story short he did not give me a temp card, on the way out I remembered I needed to cash my first check in my new account and the agent that was helping walked me to the cashier I told the cashier I don’t have my card she asked for my License and social security number after that she started to question my date of birth my address etc the agent that was helping prior told the cashier it’s ok I just helped him with the account and it’s his he’s good to go. The cashier continued to question me now about my parents date of birth and what school they went to which I had no idea about and I told the cashier I have my license, credit cards, social security number and passport that should be enough !! Then MARITZA cane next to the cashier and told me that the cashier has to ask me all these questions regardless of all my documents that I had I told Maritza I didn’t know my parents info and I am an adult and I’m the account then the agent told Maritza o already verified everything he is the account holder and Maritza stopped the agent and said no let the cashier continue the questions once all that was done I gave the signed check to the cashier as she was processing it, MARITZA told me see that wasn’t bad was it ? And I said yes it was I have other bank accounts Bank of America and chase and with my ID and social I’m always able to compete my transactions and you made me go through so much and then what got to me as that Maritza said “Well you And your father wasted so much time and I told you guys it wasn’t going to happen” I looked at her and said “did you just say we wasted so much time?, too as a manager telling me as a new customer that I wasted time?? How unprofessional are you? I am also a manager and I would never tell that to any customer of mine regardless of the situation” then Maritza reminded “if you think I said that And that’s how you feel then good for too” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing!! I the told her “you literally just told me we wasted time I cannot believe this” again Maritza said “look if that’s how you feel that’s how you feel now if you continue I will reverse your check and not give you the cash” I looked at her while she was saying that and the cashier had already printed out the receipt that the cash has already been given to me and she had the cash in her hands. I showed Maritza the receipt telling her “I already have the receipt that I got the money and need the money to pay some bills” Maritza said “that doesn’t matter I can still reverse the check and not give you anything so are you going to stop or what?” When my father I’ve heard that he got up from his chair and can’t To the window I told my dad she was threatening me to not give me my cash. Maritza gain said “ are you guys going ti stop ? Tell me? Or should I reverse the check?” My father and I couldn’t believe what was going on. Since I really needed the cash To Pay my rent I felt forced to answer and give in to yes will stop then she’s like “ok great !!” With such fake smile. Once I got the cash. A lady an employee that is controlling the lines asked what happened. We explained everything and she said yes I heard everything and she agreed with us that she was out of control and gave us information to complain about Maritza. We were bullied and humiliated in front of other customers and employees by Maritza and my father was out of breath, pale, and very shaky after this experience. This was extremely horrible!!! Never again!!!! I am working on transferring all my money to My Bank of America card and canceling Wells Fargo! My dad is doing the same after years with Wells Fargo he now wants to cancel due to how Maritza treated and bullied us for many hours... according to my father before I got there Maritza was also treating another couple very bad questioning them a lot like interrogating then regarding their account And the Couple were almost crying due to Maritza’s treatment and after them she treated us even worse !!! What kind of a manger is this ?!! I have a bachelors degree, managed hospitals for Many years I am now working for Mercedes-Benz been in the customer service field for over 15 years And this is absolutely UNACCEPTABLE for a manager at such a bank like Wells Fargo! Something needs to be done!!! Maritza is not good for Wells Fargo !! Canceling all accounts due to her and telling people about it to do the same !!! If I could I would give this 0 stars!

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